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Hollow Metal Doors and Frames

If you're looking to buy doors in Spokane, Washington that are designed in a simple fashion, but boasts great performance against damage and heat, our selection of Steelcraft™ L-Series full flush doors are available to you. With a honeycomb core, the L-Series door combines the strength and structural integrity of a steel door. Architectural Hardware Inc.'s energy-efficient doors in stock also possess low thermal conductivity so you can manage the temperature in your building. Our wood doors also feature doors with structural integrity and elegance. You'll enjoy the Steelcraft L-Series door because of these features:

Core Systems That Enhance the Structural Integrity of the Door:
• Honeycomb (Standard) — 1" (25mm) Cell Kraft Honeycomb Configuration that Increases Structural Integrity While Reducing Overall Weight
• Polystyrene (Optional) — Enhanced Thermal Performance
• Polyurethane (Optional) — Extreme Thermal Performance

Full Height, Epoxy Filled Mechanical Interlock Edges provide structural support and stability the full height of the door edges. Available edge options:
• Visible Edge Seam (Standard) — Full Height, Epoxy Filled Mechanical Interlocked Edges
• Filled Seam — Optional edge seam epoxy filled and finished smooth. Includes tack welds above and below edge cutouts for hinges, locks, etc.
• Welded Edge Seam — Optional Edge Seam Welded with 1" (25mm) Long Weld, 6" (51mm) on Center, Epoxy Filled Between Welds and Finished Smooth; Available on L18, L16 and L14 doors

 Universal Hinge Preparations (patented) allow for easy field conversion from standard weight .134" (3.3mm) hinges to heavy weight .180"(4.7mm) hinges. 

14 Gage [0.067" (1.7mm)] Inverted Top and Bottom Channels Provide Stability and Protection for the Top and Bottom Edges from Abuse

 Beveled Hinge and Lock Edges allow for tighter installation tolerances, ensure easier operation and eliminate binding and sticking. 

 Recessed Dezigner™ Glass Trim provides a clean, neat and flush finish with the door surface. 

 Factory Applied Baked-On Rust Inhibiting Primer paint in accordance with ANSI A250.10-1998.